spiced coffee and date cake – in progress

28 Apr

spiced coffee and date cake - in progress

Look at that rise!

It is still in the oven but I filled 2 muffin cases with some of the mix, they were done a while ago and tasted super good! the recipe has sour cream in – I think from this point forward I shall always use sour cream in cakes, makes them moist fluffy and light if you go for the half fat version and rich if you go full fat! I say stick to half :). It is taken from a cozy kitchen’s blog but will  a few additions  – namely half butter half margarine, half fat creme fraiche instead of sour cream, lots more dates, pistachios in the mix as well as on top and couple of tbspns of strong coffee in the mix.

Its almost bedtime now but will reiterate recipe this week… along with how it is received by my husband’s work colleagues – this is his office birthday cake offering.