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Saturday Sandwiches

29 Sep


I have some alliteration thing going on with my titles, not sure why… but anyway…

This morning I rustled up a quick, easy and delicious grilled open sandwich, using the pumpernickle and rye bread we bought from the Saturday market in town. The cheese on toast/pizza bread concept is not new and easily varied, so use your imagination but, for reference, my recipe is below:

Ingredients and method

4 slices of  pumpernickle and rye bread (or any malty or sour dough bread)

Meat feast topping
2 tbsp of my mum’s home-made home grown tomato and pepper sauce (alt. use a peperonata type sauce or tomato salsa)
3 mini mozzerella balls, or equivalent from large ball
8-10 thin slices chorizo sausage
slice of ham
parmesan/hard cheese of your choice

Turn the grill on, at about 200 degrees C.

Divide and spread the tomato sauce across 2 slices of the bread, right to the edge. Top evenly with the chorizo and ham, pieces of mozzerella, then grate a thin layer of hard cheese over the top. Place under the grill until the cheese is melty, bubbling with patches of golden brown.

Fruit and nut topping
2 tbsp ricotta cheese
1 small ripe fig
5 walnuts roughly chopped
sprinkling of pumpkin seeds

Divide and spread the ricotta across 2 slices of the bread, top with thin slices of fig, covering the whole slice. Place under the grill for 3 mins, then sprinkle on the nuts and seeds and grill for 3 more minutes until the fig is starting to soften and the nuts are looking (and smelling) toasted.

Top with freshly ground salt and pepper. Serve with a mixed salad, and if you fancy it a slice of quiche (the pics are one made my by mum, soooo good) I will aim to add the recipe in a future post.

It was a happy husband making lunch – despite the expression on his face.