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Get well soon scones

16 Oct

A work friend, Alec, had a nasty cycling accident a few weeks back and has since been laid up with a very broken knee and elbow. A few of us are taking a slightly longer lunch to go and see him tomorrow. With a fruit bowl of over ripe bananas, some hearty healthy healing banana muffins were the plan. Until our friend Emma said she was making lemon cake – a particular favourite of Alec’s!

So that left me thinking of a savoury option, easy enough to bake post 9pm (as 8 til 9 was uninterrupted GB Bake-Off final – oh my!!) and not lead to too late a bedtime… the perfect quick savoury bake… scones! I threw together what I could find, i am sure you can mix and match but here is what I did and the results are YUM!

100g wholemeal bread flour
150g strong white bread flour
2.5 level tsps of baking powder
75g butter
half red chilli, seeds removed very finely chopped
3 tbpn finley chopped parsley
1 level tsp paprika
75g toasted pinenuts (but I think walnuts would b better) – I put them in the oven for 12mins as I pre-heated it to 170 Celsius
freshly milled salt and pepper
75g mature cheddar grated
150ml milk
1 beaten egg – to glaze

sift the flours into a bowl (tip in the wheaty bits form the brown flour), add the baking powder and mix. Add the butter in dots and then rub into the flour with you finger tips. it will seem like there is not much butter, but you don’t need much! add the chilli, paprika, pinenuts, chopped parsley, a dozen or so turns on the salt and pepper mill and the grated cheese, stir to evenly distribute. then add the milk.

mix with a spoon and finish off with your hands, tipping it out on a lightly floured board and kneading for a few moments – it will be quick sticky. roll it to about 2.5cm thick and use a round pastry cutter (i like the classic fluted edge) to cut 12 scones. You’ll probably get about 6 before you need to gather the off-cut dough, knead and roll again, and so on.

place the scones on a floured thin baking tray (I find the heavy base ones burn the base) brush the tops with egg, then I grated a little cheese over them.

Put in the oven at 170c for 20-25mins depending on thickness and size. Cool on a rack, enjoy while warm or store in a airtight tin yaddah yaddah.

Hopefully they have healing powers!

ps this is an excellent recipe for sweet scones

pps upon tasting a day later these did have quite a kick, go easy on the chilli if you aren’t a fan of the heat. they went excellently with butter, cream cheese, soup and/or a slice of parma ham