Coming-of-age custard tarts

11 Sep

This week is my birthday, the big three-O. Tonight it is the Great British Bake-Off (BBC1. 8pm. Unmissable). So with those thoughts in mind I have set myself a baking show-stopper challenge (a la round 3 of GBBO).

My self-formulated challenge is to create 3 (one for each decade) bite-size bakes for my work colleagues. I still don’t quite get why its the person whose birthday it is who supplies the birthday treats for the office, surely they should get given one… but hey ho I am not complaining, it is great excuse to bake!

The shortlist has a number of variations, sweet and savoury; chocolately, fruity, cheesy, bread, cake, tart. But the final ideas I am playing with are:

– a rocky road brownie
– Portuguese custard and caramel tarts
– ricotta, homegrown tomato and basil mini pizzas

A savoury scone is still a possibility (goats cheese, fig and walnut, or sage, squash and feta?), but I maybe saving those for another bake.

So to start I have scoured the worldwideweb for an authentic looking Portuguese tart recipe (aka Pastéis de Nata) and found authentic doesn’t mean standard. There are loads of variations in terms of flavouring, faffyness and fat content! So experiment #1, based on recipes from the Telegraph, Bill Grainger and BBC Good Food, following play-offs between double cream vs semi-skimmed milk, egg yolks vs the odd whole egg and the addition of a hidden dollop or caramel, I’m ready to begin.

Lessons learned, a semi-perfected recipe and pictures will appear soon.

portuguese custard tarts

some someone made earlier


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